Processing from paper waste to raw material

100% of the collected papier arrives in Antwerp or Brussels to be sorted and processed. There is no residue. The final product is then shipped to our customers throughout the world. This way your company also contributes to the environment! The paper industry gets enough thinning wood from forest management and waste from the wood industry through recycling. This way no trees need to be cut unneccesary.


The CO2 footprint is large.



The emitted CO2 is reabsorbed by the forests and the paper.

  1. One ton of paper stores the equivalent of approximately 1400kg of CO2 op in its fibers.
  2. The quantity of CO2 emitted for the production of one ton of pulp and paper has decreased with 40% between 1990 and 2010.
  3. One ton of paper thus stores more the three times as much CO2 than emitted by the production.