OPJM has been collecting used paper for more than 65 years. We established our leadership in Belgium and the rest of the world, offering you a double advantage: very sharp prices and the best possible service.

The best price for your used paper

We process more than 200.000 tons of used paper each year. This huge capacity has opened doors with the largest paper factories in Europe, Asia and the USA. It enables us to guarantee our clients the best possible conditions for their used paper, even in times of high supply.

Top level service

Collection, storage and shipping of paper are our core competencies. To allow us to perform at the highest possible level, we have invested heavily in:

  • our headquarters in Antwerp (Kalmthout)
  • our large branch office in Brussels (Asse – Mollem)
  • ultra-modern machines and processing equipment
  • our fleet of trucks: all of them are equipped with eco-friendly engines

in other words, OPJM is ready for the future.

Jozef Michel stichter Oud Papier Jozef Michel

Founder Jozef Michel

More than 65 years of processing paper waste

Oud Papier Michel is one of the oldest waste paper processing companies in the country. After 65 years the third generation of Michels is running the company. The best proof that your paper waste is in good hands.

Stockroom in the seventies

Magazijnen jaren '80 - vijftig jaar papier ophalen

Stockroom in the eighties

Magazijn jaren '90 - vijftig jaar papier ophalen

Stockroom in the nineties

Magazijnen jaren 2000 - vijftig jaar papier ophalen

Stockroom in the years 2000

vrachtwagen jaren 70 - Vijftig jaar papier ophalen

Truck in the seventies

Nieuwste vrachtwagen - Oud Papier Jozef Michel

Trucks after 2010

Newest truck

Indispensable part of the recycling process

Prompt pick-ups at your doorstep

When time has come for that pile of waste paper to go, we will pick it up from your company and make sure it won’t bother you again. Our clients can choose the type of container and how frequently we will empty it for them: a large centralized container, a series of smaller containers, daily, weekly, …
Our organization is always committed to delivering a punctual service. Our hyper modern fleet of loader trucks and containers enable us to do so.

Transport, sort and processing to raw material.

All the collected paper arrives in Antwerp or Brussels where it is sorted, pressed and processed. The final product is then shipped to our customers throughout the world.

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